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Welcome to the Rotary Club Vladimir's Website!

The Charter was presented in 1996. We meet on Wednesdays at 18:30 in Vladimir, Gogolya Street, 20, "The Prince Monomach" hotel.

Rotary's main objective is service — in the community, in the workplace, and around the globe. The 1.2 million Rotarians who make up more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in nearly every country in the world share a dedication to the ideal of Service Above Self.

Rotary clubs are open to people of all cultures and ethnicities and are not affiliated with any political or religious organizations.

On may 19, the annual conference of the district 2220 was held in Suzdal. The conference was attended by Vice-President RI Mrs. Dean Rohrs , the representative of the RI President Mrs. Stephanie Urchick, Director of RI Mr. Michael Ahlberg, Mayor of Suzdal Sergei Sakharov. See the short photo report.
On March 19 th the guests from Switzerland visited Rotary clubs Ivanovo and Vladimir. DanielDaniel Andrey from Rotary club Romont and Vincent Vouilloz from Rotary club Friburg Cite negotiated with Russian Rotary clubs about continuation of the mutual project “The Breath of Air”. In the frame of the 2018 th stage of the project children from Ivanovo and Vladimir will spent two and a half weeks in Swiss Alps. Club
Guests from Nepal in Vladimir Russia30 Oct 2017 rotary club Vladimir hosted guests from Nepal. Ten members of the Rotary Club of Patan West, headed by the Club President Mr. Chandeshwor Shrestha. Rotarians from Nepal was accompanied by Roshen Pokharell, who is the Governor Assistent for Moscow area. Was discussed the establishment of friendly relations between the two clubs within the International Committee (ICC) of district 2220. Communication of the representatives of Russia with the Rotarians of Nepal began in 2015, when after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the Russian Rotarians initiated a global project for the restoration of destroyed maternity hospital in Nepal's capital city Kathmandu. The parties expressed mutual interest in further development of friendly relations. Nepal friends invited members of the club Vladimir to participate in the conference of rotary district 3292 Nepal-Bhutan, which will be held in February 2018. (Photo album Oct!)
25 October 2017, the representatives of rotary clubs "Vladimir" and "Ivanovo" had meeting in Vladimir. They discussed the plan of continuing the project "Breath of Air" in cooperation with the Swiss rotary clubs. According to the project "Breath of Air" standard, the club that sent more children to Switzerland in the previous year, the next year passes priority to another rotary club, sending a few kids from his region, maintaining the proportion of 8 and 17. Thus, 25 children will spend two weeks from 7 to 22 July 2018 in the Swiss Alps, including 17 people from Ivanovo and 8 from Vladimir.
Reminded that according to this rule in 2016 17 children from Vladimir and 8 children from Nizhny Novgorod went to Swiss in the frame of the project "Breath of Air". (Photo album Oct!)
Completed another project for our club. Physicians neonatologists of Vladimir maternity hospital №2 Julia Krainova and Julia Starikova were trained in Germany. The chief doctor of the maternity hospital №2 Kiryukhina Irina expressed hope for further cooperation with the club.
The meeting of the rotary club Vladimir took place in the boarding school for visually impaired children. It was the friendly club meeting with children who visited in July 2016 Switzerland in the framework of the joint project "breath of air". Over a Cup of tea, the guys shared their impressions from the trip. They all expressed a desire to become Rotarians. The club members in turn promised to continue their patronage over the school.
The project "A Breath of Air" includes the task going from the International Rotary Club - to inculcate the ideal of usefulness. Sharing this ideal, the following rotary Clubs have united in the Association "A Breath of Air": RC Bulle, RC Châtel – Saint-Denis, RC Fribourg, RC Fribourg Cité, RC Fribourg Sarin, RC Murten/Morat, RC Payerne La Broy, RC Romon. The first camp was organized in 2014 under the leadership of the RC Romon with the support by RC Bul. The second reception in the camp was held under the joint leadership of RC Fribourg and RC Fribourg Cité. The Russian side also had two clubs: RC Vladimir and RC Nizhny Novgorod. Children spent 15 unforgettable days in the contone Fribourg, in he Chalet D. Annay. Interesting excursions and entertainment were held Every day! But it is better to see once than to read a hundred times. See our photo report! (Photos by Borodulin V. A.)
July 20th Louis and Janet Dsouza were guests of our Club(Read news)
On June 22 club received visitors from a twin-city Erlangen (Germany). (Read news)
The town we live in and serve. Our district 2220
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